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Evacuate an impression of prints through various techniques.

Ever gave a thought to how a particular t-shirt printing method is executed or the reasons behind choosing a specific print method for awesome designs? Here is a list of different apparel decorations methodologies Thriving Threads offers and the occasions of utilization.

  1. Screen Print 

Screen printing is the most preferred print method for numerous reasons. With its most affordable range in printing, it lasts the life of the apparel product. It is dauntless while printing a simple design with a solo color on a large number of t-shirts. Whether it’s cotton or poly blends material, screen printing can handle its print on all types of apparel. Though a white under the base can increase a layer of ink, but surely it maintains its brightness.

  1. Simulated Process

When comes to complex designing, then the simulated process is the best known high-end printing technique that cannot be reproduced using traditional spot color applications of ink. It utilizes the spot colors to blend together with halftones and gradients similar to the full-color process. Yes!, it is expensive but its quality and finishing are worth it.

  1. Digital Printing

A single t-shirt printing or orders in bulk, the Digital Printing method is revolutionary in the market for the apparel printing industry by making it economical for every type of apparel printing. Normally the process is to apply ink against the screens on a press, but here it’s more like a home printer with the ink being injected directly into the fabric then settled with a heat press. Due to its feature of full-color photography reproduction on garments make it a very economical choice for everyone.

  1. Full-Color Digital Transfer

In Full-color digital transfer, the images are transferred with the application of heat and pressure onto the garment. So these are mainly designed for full-color image reproduction that can be used on almost all types of material including nylon, performance wear, and spandex. When an image consisting of detailed printing then the best-known printing technique will be full-color digital transfer.

  1. Glitter Transferring 

Looking for some sparkling effect to your t-shirt or want to wear something perfect to your choice and party. One should try a t-shirt print with a glitter transferring technique.  Glitter transfers for apparel offer high collision for any canvas that needs razzle-dazzle and radiance. Glitter cannot be used for designs where a lot of fine detail is required because the design is cut out of a solid sheet of glitter material that requires the excess to be peeled away. Color choices are limitations the to manufacturer.

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