Prints! What do they say when you wear them?

Everyone has a choice. A choice to look, play, style, words, and wear. But have you ever thought that your choice speaks more than your words, or can say, it speaks more about your personality?

Each individual carries their unique identity. Dressing up your way shows what personality you hold. Sometimes, you dress up to impress someone, or in another way, you also dress up at your most comfortable level. The ideal style differs from person to personality. It may be formal, casual, edgy, flirty, professional, powerful, or unique. It’s not about how trendy or fashionable we are but it’s all about expressing ourselves. In fact, the choice of color, print, class, slogans, designer, fit and lose clothes speaks on behalf of you. The clothing attire differs from country to country with starkly different styling. To understand the personality behind people’s clothing choices, one requires to understand the tradition of the location they are in and the personal taste of the individual. Once the clothing attire is removed on location aspects, then one can search down to individual flavor and their personalities.

Here are some personalities that can be defined by ThrivingThreads printed T-Shirt.

Battery charging- Family combo

Attend a family function with the synchronized print over each family member’s t-shirt. Show how much you are charged to attend the function and enjoying every bit piece of it.

Slogan print- Men/Women

Wear what you want to convey to others without wasting your energy. Be simple, bold, and classy in your own attire. Move your steps out in an attitude which never felt by others with Thriving Threads.

Keep on- Fundraising Marathon

Running for a cause always motivates and keeps ongoing towards success. So why keep a step back. Wear a ‘Keep ON T-shirt’ and join hands together for a better cause.

Crazy Prints- walking side by side

Outing, parties, walk, or gathering, crazy prints on your T-shirt adds some extra effect in those happenings. Wear 3-D prints, bold colors, neon shows, classy creatives with more cool pictures. 

In conclusion, Thriving Threads comes with a variety of selections for clothing that can determine one’s personality but needs to be taken into the context of the culture within their environment. Once this is out of the equation, one can enhance individual flavor based on what they wear and how frequently they choose to switch their clothes.

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